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Time-Sharing And Parenting Plans

Not so long ago, it was common under Florida law for the mother in a family to be awarded primary custody of the children and the father had to settle for periodic visitations.

Today that has changed, and the underlying idea is that parents have a more balanced approach to raising their children, described as shared parental responsibility. Where possible, this approach seeks to divide parenting responsibilities and housing arrangements as equitably as possible.

Under shared parental responsibility, both parents work together to choose the child’s school, dentist, physician, after-school activities, religious upbringing, legal decisions and the like.

Parenting Plan Lawyers Serving Lake County

Custody involving time with the children is now understood in terms of “time-sharing.”  This means that a plan will be developed that specifically says which parent has the children during certain days of the week.  This time-sharing plan must be included in every family case involving children in Florida.  The goal is a continuing close relationship between the child and both parents.

When you need help creating a solid parenting plan with your ex-spouse, call Clermont child custody lawyer Ryan Hobby toll free at 888-99-HOBBY (888-994-6229).

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Without a thoughtful parenting plan, kids suffer. They miss out on important activities and relationships, and may not get the care and attention they deserve. A proper parenting plan is like a good map, providing clarity on such issues as holidays, transportation to and from, who drives the kids to events and appointments, a breakdown of financial responsibilities, who makes which decisions, who helps with homework, how they will communicate when they are apart, and how they will resolve disagreements that arise. You also need to build flexibility into the plan, including a way to modify the plan as conditions evolve.

These are the kinds of eventualities we try to anticipate at Hobby Law, P.A., when we help parents create a workable visitation plan outside the courtroom.

The challenge for parents in divorce is to create parenting plans that work for everyone. To learn more about the shared responsibility model, and to get started on crafting a plan for your family, I invite you to call us at Hobby Law, P.A., toll free at 888-99-HOBBY (888-994-6229).

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