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Emergency Relief During Divorce And Custody Disagreements

It sometimes happens that circumstances require immediate action during the course of a divorce. These are problems that must be addressed today. For this purpose Florida offers a set of temporary relief measures. They are:

  • Domestic violence injunctions: Florida law allows any family or household member to seek a domestic violence injunction against any other family or household member who has committed or threatened abuse. If the conduct poses a clear danger to family members, the abusive individual may be removed from the residence.
  • Freezing assets: This measure prevents your spouse from spending or hiding marital assets before or during discovery. All financial accounts may be locked down to prevent compromise of marital property.
  • Temporary child support: This relief measure allows you to obtain financial support for children under the age of 18. Ideally, your spouse will continue to contribute financially to the raising of your child, but if your spouse does not voluntarily contribute, the court may be able to order temporary child support while the divorce is pending.
  • Temporary alimony: This relief measure helps you obtain financial support from your spouse while your divorce is pending.
  • Temporary child custody: This relief measure establishes temporary guidelines for custody of children during the divorce.
  • Temporary orders regarding removal of children: This relief measure prevents your spouse from taking the children away if you suspect your ex will hide them from you or prevent you from contacting them.
  • Temporary denial of passport: This measure prevents your spouse from leaving the country during deliberations.
  • Temporary attorney’s fees and litigation expenses: This relief measure assists you in covering the costs of the divorce process when you can’t afford to do so yourself.

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