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Clermont Property Division Attorney

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Not all divorces are equal. Couples with more extensive assets — some marital, and some not — pose greater challenges in valuation and property division. In particular, division is more difficult in households when businesses or professional partnerships are involved, when there are multiple real estate holdings, complex investment portfolios and collectibles. Dividing family-run businesses in which both spouses are involved is a special challenge.

In all matters, complex property division requires attention to the principle of equitable distribution, and to the tax consequences of the division.

Divorce Assets Lawyers Serving Leesburg And Central Florida

Division of property can be the most complicated issue in a divorce. In many cases, this complication arises from the fact that division of assets rarely involves one issue alone. Most of the time, equitable division in a divorce involves many extremely complex intertwined issues. It is essential to work with an attorney who has the experience and resources to represent you regarding the division of assets aspect of your divorce.

Astute Valuation And Division Of Property And Debt

Sometimes, in the heat of divorce, division of assets issues lead to expensive contention, causing problems for both sides. Issues of submerged real properties can add to the difficulty, as well as credit card debt. Expert valuation of the all assets and liabilities goes a long way to alleviate this conflict and move the divorce process toward completion.

Our firm, Hobby Law, P.A., has experience handling valuation of every kind of property, including furniture, real estate, business interests, and retirement and pension plans. We have a network of expert appraisers and forensic accountants we turn to when issues require outside validation. One avenue of resolution that has yielded positive results is property division mediation.

We invite you to call with your complex asset problems.

Breaking a complex household into two is a delicate art. If you are concerned about property division, contact Clermont property division lawyer Ryan Hobby toll free at 888-99-HOBBY (888-994-6229).