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Clermont Divorce Mediation Attorney

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When couples separate, and important issues need settling, there are three possible approaches to resolving them:

  • Litigation, which is very contentious, high-risk, drawn out and costly, and places resolution in the hands of the judge
  • Negotiation and settlement, still contentious and expensive, but without the supervision
  • Mediation, a low-key, low-cost, moderated way to solve the problem and move on

Mediation is a required and necessary step in Florida family law. And mediation is the best way for the majority of couples to resolve their case. You do not have to “get along” to be in mediation. Over time, as we agree on basic things, most couples are able to talk and come to agreement on the remaining issues.

Family Law Mediation Attorneys For The Villages And Clermont

Mediations address all the key contested issues:

Division of property: We look for fair and equitable division of marital property.

Parenting time and visitation: We look for solutions that are reasonable to both sides and are in the best interests of the children. We also address questions of who will make what decisions, and how the two parents will communicate.

Child support: We leverage both sides’ interest in providing properly for the children, including educational and medical issues.

Spousal support/maintenance/alimony: When appropriate we work on issues of financial imbalance, and how and how long a support schedule should last.

We want you to know that we understand the stress you are feeling as you attend to these vital matters. Be assured that as your attorneys we will make every effort to affect good understanding, resulting in an agreement that the court can sign off on, and will serve you and your family in the better years ahead.

Dispute Resolution Without Bloodshed

That’s the power of mediation. I invite you to contact me, Clermont divorce mediation lawyer Ryan Hobby, toll free at 888-99-HOBBY (888-994-6229).