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Clermont Child Support Attorney

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Child support disagreements are often the most hotly disputed component of a divorce. Our job as your attorneys is to keep a lid on these emotions, while seeking a fair and just outcome for your child or children. Doing the right thing for them is what child support is all about.

Clermont-Based Child Support Lawyers

Child support in Florida is based on a fairly straight forward formula, but you will still want an experienced lawyer at your side to be certain the court has a fair understanding of your finances and expenses.

You want a lawyer who can advise you and ensure that the numbers used in the calculation are the right numbers. For instance, does the parent who will be paying child support have income from a second job, a portfolio of investments or a business that is not being declared?

I am Ryan Hobby, and my practice, Hobby Law, P.A., has extensive experience digging up the real numbers that should be used in child support calculations.

Lake County Support Modification Lawyers

It often happens that circumstances change after the divorce, and after the children get older. One parent is doing much better financially, or has been laid off, and the existing child support agreement makes less sense than it once did.

When circumstances change, we can file a petition to have your child support agreement modified to reflect the changes. It is important that this be done through the court, and not by an informal agreement between you and your ex.

Another problem is that child support payments stop coming. We can petition the court to enforce the support agreement. For more information, look at our page on modifications and enforcement. We work with clients on both sides in modification and enforcement cases.

Need to resolve child support issues the right way? Contact Clermont child support lawyer Ryan Hobby toll free at 888-99-HOBBY (888-994-6229).